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Customer Service Communication Skills
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Customer Service Communication Skills

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Building Powerful Trust in a Business or Personal Relationship


Building a relationship takes time to develop in business or your personal life. Learn to do it quicker and 90% more powerful with this course. Many different courses in this class. This is the flagship class with ALL below classes included for one prrice..

plus Dealing with a Bully, Stress free in 9 seconds, innovative Parenting Skills, Innovative Parenting Skills, Communicating w/ adult bullies and How to use the needs list


Saving a Relationship / Marriage

A life saving video for you as a partner. Only one of you needs this video. Except your partner may want to learn the communication skills that you have learned. Amazing videos before the divorce process begins to save your relationship.


Trouble making your child listen?
Here is a new way to acheive that skill plus you both will enjoy the outcome. All parents need these skills to have a happier and nourishing parenthood. Your children will enjoy these skills roo.

Spiritual Values Meditation


Using the values/needs list in your meditation. The free list is to the left column. It is worth it's weiht in gold and more. The meditation is relaxing and will help wiyh your decision-making.. The meditatio will also add energy if that is what your body is asking for.

Enhancing Sex with Clean Communication


For Women and Men!

Fantastic sexual relationships are the qualities in this video. A course o bring both of you closer and start bringing up our natural hormones like endorphins.

A fun video and clean as can be yet will want both of you to enjoy sex 90% bettter.

Customer Service Communication Skills

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