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Customer Service Communication Skills
" Contributing to Easier Communications w/ Customers, Clients and the World "
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Customer Service Communication Skills

Learning These Skills, Simple?

It is amazing how much you will learn at a workshop or an individual lesson. All the skills you will learn will be fortified by practice and a CD (optional) that re-teaches and re-engineers your mind.

These skills are simple yet is difficult to learn because of all the intense engineering from our world. Re-engineering away from blame, shame, fear and comparisons. I will try to do this quickly, yet it can take a few weeks or months or years to do so.

The older you are and more intellegent the more re-engineering has to be done. Yes, children learn this the quickest because thier brains have less stuff inside it.

Take heart as change does happen...


Workshops$400.00 hr 6 hrs. for $2,000
Does not include traveling and living expense.

Mininum: 3 people
Individual Consulting $ 175.00 hr.N/A
Radio/TV shows $ 250.00 hr.N/A
Individual Counseling $125.00 hr. 4 sessions for $400.00
Does not include traveling or living expense


Book, 2 CD's

Litrerary Package$ 60.00
Speaker Package

Does not include traveling and living expense.

Customer Service Communication Skills

Rick Goodfriend is available for workshops, keynotes,
mediation and all media appearances

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